• What information must be made available to whom in what form?
  • What the EU intends to accomplish through changes in labeling, IFU, UDI, and Eudamed
  • General industry concerns
    • Timeline
    • Cost
    • Proprietary information


  • Comparison of labeling under MDD and MDR
  • Required label contents
    • Warnings and precautions
    • Directions to summary of clinical evaluation
    • Declarations of carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reproductive toxicity
    • Reprocessing information on single-use devices
    • Standardized symbols
    • Identification of economic operators
    • Lingering uncertainties about labeling requirements
    • Need for label redesign
    • Deadlines and strategy

Instructions for Use

  • Content requirements
  • Guidelines for use of plain language easily understood by end users, including the summary of clinical evaluation


  • Language requirements
  • What must be translated
  • Increased manufacturer responsibility for translation oversight


  • UDI placement
  • UDI-DI and UDI-PI
  • Currently unresolved potential differences between EU, FDA, and other UDI field formats and relations
  • The UDI database – status and procedures
  • Gap analysis and preparation for new UDI requirements


  • Requirements to list device labeling, IFU, and technical manuals


  • Establishment of Eudamed under MDD
  • Great expansion of Eudamed requirements under MDR
  • Eudamed implementation and enforcement timeline
  • Product data that must be submitted to Eudamed
  • Standardized nomenclature allowing comparison of different devices in the same group
  • To whom is Eudamed information accessible?
  • Responsibility for entering the data
  • Quality management systems modifications necessary to store and update required information

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