The EU MDR requires significantly larger amounts and different types of both premarket and postmarket device safety and performance data. In addition to more rigorous clinical information and active collection and analysis of postmarket experiences – for legacy devices as well as new products – new processes and governance will be needed to support this assessment and ongoing file updates. In this highly interactive, practical workshop, companies and notified bodies share strategies and procedures for approaching these massive changes.

Topic Outline

Implementation Timeline

  • Why EU MDR and the emphasis on clinical requirements
  • Timelines and deadlines
  • Overview of major areas of impact

MDD vs MDR – Overview

  • Key differences
    • Active data collection
    • Clinical evidence requirements
    • Rules on equivalence
    • Closer alignment with PMS and risk assessment
    • Continuous updating
    • More interactions with notified bodies
    • Impact on labeling, and publicly available information
  • Gap analysis

Clinical Evaluation Report (CER)

  • Elements of the CER
  • Creating a clinical evaluation plan covering the product life cycle
  • General Safety & Performance Requirements (GSPR)
  • Benefit-risk
  • Integration with risk management, postmarket surveillance, and other functions
  • Consideration of currently available alternative treatment options
  • Review by outside entities


  • Acceptable data for supporting equivalence
  • Challenge of access to data on equivalents
  • Notified body review

Clinical Investigations

  • When are clinical investigations required
  • Aligning clinical investigations with the CEP
  • Rationale for study design, endpoints, variables, etc

Risk Management

  • Benefit-risk under EU MDR
  • Relationship with other risk standards and requirements
  • Linkage of risk management, clinical evaluation, PMS, PMCF, and PSUR
  • Challenges and strategies for new and legacy devices
  • Updating the risk file, risk acceptability, and detecting emerging risks

Eudamed and Labeling

  • What must be included on labeling
  • Summary of clinical and performance data
  • Implications of new clinical evidence requirements for labeling, instructions for use
  • Submitting data to Eudamed
  • Use of Eudamed data

Postmarket Surveillance

  • Comparison of MDD vs MDR postmarket surveillance
  • Active data collection
  • Identifying potential input sources
  • Surveillance proportionate to risk and device type
  • Adverse event reporting
  • Gap analysis in current and future procedures

Post-market Requirements

  • Postmarket Clinical Follow-Up Studies (PMCF)
  • Continuously monitor state of the art
  • Mechanisms to understand benefit-risk estimates, emerging off-label use, etc.
  • Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSUR), analysis of postmarket information, and update of benefit-risk, clinical evaluation, etc.
  • Does the device perform as intended?
  • Documentation and PMCF Evaluation Report
  • Linkage of postmarket data with other functions
  • Triggers and techniques for actions

Processes and Governance

  • Establishing new processes and governance structure
  • Relationship with other company functions

EU MDR Risk Management

April 6-7, 2020
Virtual Workshop

This two half-day virtual event features presentations and panel discussions by speakers from notified bodies and top medical device companies.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction and Overview - Risk Management and the EU MD
  • ISO 14971:2019 – Overview and Applicability to EU MDR and other regions
  • Design and Usability Requirements with respect to EU MDR
  • Practical application of Risk Management for EU MDR
  • EU MDR and Post Market Surveillance Requirements
  • EU MDR additional Monitoring and Trending Requirements
  • Post Market Surveillance methods and best practices
  • Post Market Surveillance and Risk Management
  • Application of Risk Management for Post Market Surveillance and Trending
  • Tying it all together - EU MDR / Risk Management / Post Market Surveillance


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